Dental Hygiene Tips for the Holidays

With November upon us, the holidays are looming on the horizon. And as we all know, the holidays mean lots of sweet treats. Whether it’s a cozy hot cocoa, some homemade holiday cookies, or that delicious pie and ice cream at the end of a Thanksgiving feast, there’s a lot of sugar coming your way in the next two months. That said, the influx of sugar doesn’t have to have a negative impact on your oral health!

At North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry, we strive not only to provide high-quality dental care to those around Alpharetta, GA, but also to provide the information necessary to maintain sound oral health on your own. As the holidays near, we wanted to share some of our favorite hygiene tips for the holidays. If you’re interested in any of our dental services, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Otherwise, keep reading to hear our dental hygiene tips!

Dental Hygiene Tips for the Holidays!

  • Meet With Your Dentist: While the holidays are certainly busy, it’s a great time to visit your dentist. A professional cleaning right at the end of the holiday season is a great way to ensure that your teeth have survived the holiday sweets!
  • Brush Your Teeth Right After Dessert: When you have a sugary dessert, find some time to sneak away from the family and brush your teeth! If not, sugar can promote bacteria and tooth decay, both of which can be very harmful to your oral health.
  • Swap Out the Sweetest Desserts With Fresh Fruit: While we’re not condoning you do away with your favorite desserts, it’s never a bad idea to substitute one or two desserts for some fresh fruit! Peaches and yogurt, for example, makes for a delicious dessert after a big meal.
  • Enjoy Responsibly!: While the holidays should rightfully be a time to let loose a little and enjoy your favorite sweets and treats, it shouldn’t mean your oral health has to suffer for it. Enjoy yourself, but don’t totally neglect your teeth in the meantime!

Professional Checkups and Cleanings With North Atlanta!

It’s recommended that you visit your dentist for a checkup or cleaning at least every 6 months. Finding time around the holiday season is certainly tricky, but it’s well worth it! Give us a call at 770-664-1244 to schedule a consultation today! Or, contact us here.

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