3 Foods That Whiten Your Teeth

From over-the-counter strips to professional treatments at a dentist’s office, the options for achieving bright pearly whites are endless. Unfortunately, each remedy has its pros and cons. Some aren’t able to whiten every single tooth, while others could result in tooth sensitivity.
But if you’re searching for a gentler way to achieve a bright smile—even on the those hard to reach molars—you’re in luck. Thanks to mother nature there are also organic ways to protect your smile and reveal a natural whiteness without the harsh products. Several foods like raw vegetables and fresh fruits contain key ingredients that shield teeth from decay and combat hard-to-remove plaque. Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself. We’ve gathered our favorite foods below to help you achieve a brighter smile with every bite.
Eating apple slices can help clean your teeth by scrubbing off any leftover substances that cause staining. Like many whitening products, apples naturally contain a substance called manic acid which cleans teeth and removes stains by increasing saliva production.

Bromelain is the powerful active ingredient in pineapples that has important health properties, such as stain fighting for teeth. Many stain fighting toothpastes contain Bromelain, which makes pineapples a safe and natural alternative for teeth whitening.

Calcium-rich cheese is excellent for bones and teeth. Calcium helps to fortify enamel and strengthen teeth in general. Eating cheese also produces saliva, which helps to wash away particles that stick to teeth and prevents staining and discoloration.

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