5 Foods That Are Great for Your Teeth

Since childhood, we’ve all heard just how bad certain foods are for your teeth. “Candy causes cavities!” “Soda is corrosive!” “Acidic foods will hurt your enamel!” While all that is true, we like to focus on the positive here at North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry, so we’re sharing Dr. Gurley’s list of eats that support the health of your teeth and gums. Read on to find out which tasty bites are on the nice list.

1. Good news: your teeth love cheese!

If you cherish your cheddar or go gaga for Gruyere, you know cheese and other dairy can get a bad rap. But when it comes to your teeth specifically, dentists won’t tell you not to indulge.

Treat yourself to a tasty grilled cheese and a warm cup of tomato soup at the Buckhead Diner.

That’s because studies have shown that munching on cheese raises the pH of your mouth, in turn lowering risk of tooth decay. As an added bonus, the calcium and protein present in cheese is great for strengthening your teeth. Same goes for yogurt, but opt for a reduced sugar variety.

2. An apple a day also keeps the dentist away

It seems there’s some truth to the old adage after all. While most sweets aren’t great for your teeth—and apples do have a high sugar content—the high levels of fiber and water present in many fruits are good for your chompers.

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Fresh fruit concoctions from LottaFrutta Gourmet Fruit House & Market are sure to make you smile.

The satisfying crunch of apples also helps produce saliva in your mouth to wash away leftover food and bacteria, while its texture helps stimulate your gums. It’s a great midday snack—and an apple will also do in a pinch if you’re feeling like your teeth could use a scrub down.

3. Oh, kale yeah! Leafy greens are always a healthy snack

It shouldn’t be surprising that leafy greens made the list. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that these fiber-filled plants are great for you.

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Check out one of the grain bowls or hearty salads at Upbeet.

Dark greens like spinach and kale are rich in calcium and folic acid, so they can help strengthen your teeth and combat gum disease.

4. Seafood is great for your pearly whites

In addition to containing healthy fats and lots of protein, fish and seafood are also chock full of vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, and minerals—all ingredients for a healthy smile.

The Avenue D bagel from The General Muir is a lox-lover’s dream.

Did you know that your tooth enamel is the most mineralized substance in your body? Acidic foods or abrasive products slowly chip away at your enamel, which can lead to decay and discomfort. Foods rich in minerals and calcium can help restore enamel and strengthen your teeth.

5. The power of probiotics

Research shows the probiotics may help support mouth health by reducing gum inflammation, battling oral candida, and even improving your breath! Yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, and other fermented foods are a great source of probiotics.

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Altantan Hannah Chung of Simply Seoul makes fabulous probiotic-rich kimchi—grab a jar at your favorite local store or farmer’s market and top off your next sandwich, taco, burrito, or plate of eggs with some spicy goodness!

Foods that naturally contain probiotics or fermented treats may help decrease plaque and support the health of your gums by increasing the number of good bacteria in your mouth—in addition to improving your gut health (so you can enjoy all the other foods on our list!).

Bon appétit from Dr. Gurley and your friends at North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry!

Thanks for reading our list of nice eats for your teeth—and don’t fret if you occasionally indulge in a naughty sweet. Just be sure you’re scheduling regular dental appointments and following a dentist-approved oral hygiene routine at home.

Looking for a great cosmetic dentist in Atlanta? Give us a shout and let us help you live life with a smile. 🙂

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