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Worried that your pearly whites aren’t quite so white anymore? From DIY pastes using activated charcoal to OTC tooth whitening kits, it seems like we’re all on a quest to achieve the brightest, whitest smile possible. Teeth yellowing is a common enough occurrence, but many people don’t fully understand why it happens—and misconceptions about teeth… Continue Reading »

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It’s easier than you think & there are many benefits Given the choice, most of us would rather keep our own teeth for life. But sometimes our teeth have other ideas, and dentures become the healthier option. Dentures have gotten a bad rap throughout the years—and that’s not totally unjustified. In the past, dentures often… Continue Reading »

One of the simplest ways to enhance your appearance is to have your teeth professionally whitened. The benefits of a freshly whitened smile are far reaching and can improve your mood as well as your self-esteem. While there are do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits available, professional teeth whitening services are more effective and safer. At North… Continue Reading »

There can be an unfortunate stigma associated with wearing braces as an adult. Adults seeking orthodontic alignment often have to weigh the benefits of a better-looking smile against the social challenges that come with wearing braces outside of youth. But according to research from the American Association of Orthodontics, Invisalign is starting to tip the… Continue Reading »

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