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From over-the-counter strips to professional treatments at a dentist’s office, the options for achieving bright pearly whites are endless. Unfortunately, each remedy has its pros and cons. Some aren’t able to whiten every single tooth, while others could result in tooth sensitivity. But if you’re searching for a gentler way to achieve a bright smile—even… Continue Reading »

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Since childhood, we’ve all heard just how bad certain foods are for your teeth. “Candy causes cavities!” “Soda is corrosive!” “Acidic foods will hurt your enamel!” While all that is true, we like to focus on the positive here at North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry, so we’re sharing Dr. Gurley’s list of eats that support the… Continue Reading »

Flossing your teeth is a vital and important part of a good health routine. However, when it comes to flossing technique, there are a few flossing tips and tricks you can use to create the healthiest smile possible. Food and bacteria can get stuck between teeth and under the gum line, creating a build-up called… Continue Reading »

Braces are the best way to straighten teeth, correct bite imbalances and get the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of, but they also make it difficult to keep your pearly whites pearly! Food and plaque can build up between teeth and adhere to brackets, so regular brushing, flossing and cleaning are imperative to keeping teeth… Continue Reading »

With November upon us, the holidays are looming on the horizon. And as we all know, the holidays mean lots of sweet treats. Whether it’s a cozy hot cocoa, some homemade holiday cookies, or that delicious pie and ice cream at the end of a Thanksgiving feast, there’s a lot of sugar coming your way… Continue Reading »

Many patients believe that brushing regularly and flossing daily will protect their teeth adequately enough. While thorough oral hygiene is important, professional dental cleanings should be performed regularly to prevent gum disease and other serious issues. Professional dentists are trained to clean teeth better and more efficiently than common at-home techniques can. At North Atlanta… Continue Reading »

It might surprise you to learn that nearly half of American adults have some form of periodontal disease. Even mild to moderate forms of the disease can threaten your overall health. The good news is that, while some might be more susceptible than others to gum disease, it’s mostly preventable. That said, many ask us… Continue Reading »

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