How 3D Imaging Can Make Your Dental Implant Procedure & Recovery More Comfortable

It’s a fact even we at North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry can’t deny: most people don’t like going to the dentist. Fear of numbing injections or pain fills some people with dread—particularly those who need to more significant work done, like dental implants.

But did you know that dental implantation has come a long way over the past few years? Thanks to improved techniques and technological advancements, Dr. Gurley is able to provide patients with a quicker, more comfortable experience during and after surgery.

Cone beam imaging directly improves all areas of your dental implant experience: diagnosis, treatment, comfort, and recovery.

Guided implant surgery means more precision & less discomfort

Dr. Gurley performs what is called “guided implant surgery” using a special cone beam 3D x-ray machine. Cone beam imaging has been used in dentistry for about a decade now, and it’s transforming the way the we diagnose and treat patients—for the better. It’s simply superior: wouldn’t you rather your dentist only works after having seen the full picture beforehand?

How cone beam imaging works

The cone beam imaging system takes a series of two dimensional scans of your mouth and facial structures. These individual scans are then knit together digitally, creating a seamless 3D representation of your teeth, mouth, jaw, throat, neck, ears, and nose.

This three dimensional image of the underlying structures of your face allows us to get a better picture of what is going on under the surface—allowing us to provide you with healthier, better-functioning teeth using less invasive techniques.

The extensive 3D analysis allows for more precise placement of implants, which means smaller incisions, less blood, and a quicker recovery.

During your analysis and imaging session, you’ll be seated comfortably while the cone beam imaging device rotates all the way around your head, snapping x-rays of individual areas. The process typically takes just a few minutes, and while some patients report that sitting still can be a challenge, there is no discomfort.

The benefits of cone beam imaging vs. traditional radiography

The biggest limitation of traditional x-ray imaging (radiography) is that it does not provide a full picture of the overall oral and facial bone characteristics. This information is incredibly important to have for dental implants, as your dentist needs to know if there is enough bone to support the implant before surgery begins.

By showing your dental surgeon a comprehensive view of your mouth and face, and thus providing a better understanding of your unique anatomy, cone beam imaging directly improves all three areas of your dental implant experience: diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Here’s how:

  • You’ll get a more accurate diagnosis because your dentist will have a clearer picture of your bone structure and root positions, which may save you from needing a more invasive procedure in the first place.
  • Surgery can be performed “virtually” prior to the procedure, helping your surgeon predict and accommodate any complications.
  • There is no need for a larger, exploratory incision to determine how implants should be placed.
  • The extensive analysis allows for more precise placement of implants—within .01mm of accuracy—because your surgeon has a better understanding of your jaw anatomy.
  • The 3D image helps your dental surgeon avoid vital structures within your mouth, reducing surgical risks.
  • The density algorithms provided guides your surgeon to utilize the most dense bone available, leading to an implant with greater integrity and durability.
  • Increased precision means smaller incisions and less blood loss throughout and after the procedure.
  • Heal faster and more comfortably after surgery, thanks to a less invasive approach. On average, expect two days of moderate pain (which is controllable with medication) followed by a few more days of minimal discomfort. You’ll need to stick with a soft diet for a day or two and limit physical activities for around four days, but you are otherwise free to return to normal activities right away!

Experience the difference at North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Gurley and his highly qualified staff work to ensure that every patient who walks through the door has a great experience at North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry. In addition to using the latest dental technology, Dr. Gurley offers a diverse menu of services so you don’t have to hop from specialist to specialist—and Dr. Gurley performs all dental implantations himself right here in our beautiful, safe facility.

If you would like to know more about our guided implant surgery or would like to schedule a consultation to determine how we can help you have healthy, beautiful teeth, contact us today! We are accepting new patients and would love to meet with you.

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