Laser Cavity Detection

Helping keep your teeth happy & healthy with DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection

The earlier your dentist finds your cavity, the easier your treatment will be—and the more comfortable you will feel. Untreated cavities result in toothaches, weaker teeth, or teeth that fall out or need to be extracted. In order to maintain your gorgeous, healthy smile, you need state-of-the art dental technology.

At North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Gurley provides DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection to help him to detect caries. With normal cavity detection methods, it is difficult for dentists to accurately diagnose occlusal cavities. 20% of decay lesions go unseen by your dentist because of their position or size.

Why we use laser cavity detection

DIAGNOdent has the ability to identify even the smallest and most hidden caries. With laser cavity detection, you and Dr. Gurley can see sharper and more accurate images of lesions and caries in your mouth. Our patients love the efficiency of DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection.

Once Dr. Gurley detects your cavity with DIAGNOdent, he can fill the cavity so that you can prevent future discomfort and serious dental work. With early cavity detection, you can save yourself from:

  • Toothaches: A cavity, even a small one, can cause sensitivity, pain, and toothaches.
  • Lowered confidence: If you are unaware of your cavity, your tooth could become weak and even eventually fall out. Avoid this mishap by finding and treating tooth decay early.
  • Time in the office: If a cavity gets too large, it may require more than just a filling. This will result in visiting your dentist several times for various steps of a procedure.
  • Spending money: To save your tooth and relieve the discomfort caused by a large, late-phase cavity, dental work can get much more expensive than a simple filling.

We can ensure that the future of your teeth is secure with laser cavity detection.

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