Sedation Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA

Celebrate Health with Sedation Dentistry

Maybe you feel stressed or anxious about visiting your dentist, and that is what has kept you away from the dentist’s office altogether. You’re not alone. Dental anxiety is common, and it prevents millions of patients from enjoying optimal oral health.

At North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry in Alpharetta, Dr. Gurley and his staff will increase your comfort, freshen your breath, and enhance the appearance of your smile. Our team believes that their patients should never have to dread improving their comfort, health, cleanliness, and appearance—it should be something they look forward to.

Dr. Gurley makes it possible for even the most nervous patients to feel good about visiting the dentist with sedation dentistry.

Benefits of sedation dentistry

In addition to helping calm patients who suffer anxiety around dental care, sedation dentistry offers a number of benefits:

  • Your dentist will be able to work more quickly and effectively. Once sedated, your physical response to nerves or anxiety will also calm—and you’ll fidget much less. This allows your dentist to access your mouth without difficulty and complete their work faster.
  • You will be much more comfortable and won’t experience pain. One of the main reasons patients fear the dentist is because they’re scared of pain. Sedation dentistry not only calms this fear, but also prevents you from feeling pain.
  • You get the benefits of “going under” while being awake. When you are sedated, you’ll still be able to respond to your dentist and will be aware of your surroundings.

Your options for sedation dentistry at North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry

Oral conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation involves taking anti-anxiety pills before your appointment. Dr. Gurley will prescribe you the medication you need and instruct you on when you should take it.

Oral conscious sedation can help you sleep well the night before your appointment and feel at ease throughout your procedure. When you visit our office, you will remain conscious, but you will not feel strained or nervous.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide is an effective sedative agent that is inhaled through a mask that is placed over the nose. With nitrous oxide, you don’t have to do anything before your appointment. Instead, all you have to do is come into the office ready to breathe!

When you walk through our doors, our kind staff members comfortably situate you and prepare the nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” will not put you to sleep, but will make you feel calm and comfortable.

Have you been putting off your visit to the dentist? You don’t have to feel anxious about your next visit!

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