BOTOX® in Alpharetta, GA

Say “so long!” to expression lines, treat TMJ, and improve a gummy smile with the top injectable nationwide

Have you noticed that lines and creases that used to only appear when you laughed or frowned are now sticking around? Our faces are our primary way of expressing emotion—but sometimes we don’t want those moments of mirth or frustration to overstay their welcome.

That’s why BOTOX® Cosmetic has consistently topped the charts as the most popular non-surgical treatment in the U.S.—and why we love offering this solution to our patients.

How BOTOX® works

BOTOX®, or butulinum toxin type A, is an FDA-approved, injectable medication available only through physicians. When injected into specific muscles, BOTOX® works to interrupt signals between the muscle and the nerve, effectively reducing the ability of the muscle to move—and allowing creases caused by repetitive movement to smooth out.

When expertly injected by an experienced provider, BOTOX® should never make you look “frozen” or inhibit you from expressing yourself. Rather, strategic placement of the product in the appropriate quantity for you should result in the softening of wrinkles when your face is at rest and less dramatic creasing during active expression.

The effects of BOTOX® typically last around four months, at which point we recommend maintenance treatments to continue seeing results.

How much is BOTOX® in Alpharetta?

BOTOX® is priced per unit, each of which costs $12. How much BOTOX® will be needed will depend on the severity of your concerns, where it’s being injected, and the type of results you’re hoping for. Before we proceed with treatment, we will provide you with a final cost quote that includes your treatment fee and the price of the product.

Decreasing a gummy smile

Do you feel self-conscious when you smile because your upper lip thins and your gums show? BOTOX® may offer a temporary improvement so you can smile with confidence.

When a small amount of of BOTOX® is carefully injected into the levator labii superioris alaque nasii (the muscle that controls nostril movement and lifts the upper lip), it can keep your lip from elevating and exposing your gums when you smile or talk.

It is incredibly important to work with an experienced provider like Dr. Gurley to ensure your BOTOX® treatment does not impact your ability to naturally smile.

Treating TMJ with BOTOX®

In addition to helping you feel better about the way you look, BOTOX® can also help improve symptoms of TMJ disorder or headaches and migraines caused by teeth grinding. Similar to how BOTOX® slows movement in brow muscles, it can help relieve jaw tension when injected into the facial muscles where you experience chronic discomfort.

Because the pain and tension of a TMJ disorder is caused by specific movements of the jaw that impact the temporomandibular joint, BOTOX® works by suppressing these often subconscious movements.

Most of our patients report feeling relief within just a few days after their BOTOX® treatment, and this relief typically lasts for a few months before additional treatments are required.

What to expect during your BOTOX® treatment

Whether you’re hoping to soften lines or have some relief from jaw tension, you’ll be happy to know that BOTOX® can be administered during a quick appointment, typically under 20 minutes!

When you arrive at our office, you’ll be shown to a private exam room where you can settle in and get comfortable. Dr. Gurley will begin by mapping out where the BOTOX® will be injected to provide you with the best results.

Using a very small needle, Dr. Gurley will then precisely administer the BOTOX®. A numbing agent is not typically used, though most patients are able to tolerate treatment with no issues. When your treatment is over, it’s normal to experience a bit of tenderness, slight swelling, and even some minor bruising at the injection sites, but side effects are usually minimal and short-lived.

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