• Root Canals in Alpharetta, GA

    Root Canals in Alpharetta, GA

    Root Canals Alpharetta, GASave Your Smile with Root Canals

    Do you suffer from constant toothache or swelling and bleeding gums? Is your tooth discolored and sensitive to temperature? You may have a damaged pulp. The pulp lies inside of the tooth. It contains the inner nerves and blood vessels of the tooth, and when it is damaged, it can become quite painful.  Root canals treatment can 1) save the tooth from falling out or requiring extraction and 2) save you from daily pain or discomfort!

    The pulp is necessary for a young tooth because it helps it grow during development, but once the tooth is fully developed, it can live on without the pulp. You may have heard that is is painful or difficult to treat a damaged pulp with a root canal. On the contrary, a root canal is not much different from getting a routine filling. Dr. Gurley will work hard to give you a comfortable and easy root canal experience. After a root canal, you will enjoy the following benefits:

    • Normal bite force and chewing
    • A natural, attractive appearance
    • Protection for other teeth from future weakening or other problems
    • No tooth extraction or tooth replacement

    root canals in Alpharetta, GAA root canal can be performed in one appointment. Dr. Gurley will remove the pulp and clean out the surrounding area and root canals. He will seal and fill the tooth when he is done. When you get a root canal, you avoid the other treatment option, which is tooth extraction. By eliminating the need for a tooth extraction, you also eliminate the need to replace the missing tooth, which can save you time and money. A root canal will restore the regular function and appearance of your tooth, and will protect your whole smile from future issues.

    Come talk to Dr. Gurley about your symptoms. Even if you do not have any visible symptoms, visit your dentist regularly to ensure that any subtle problems are treated before they grow worse. Give us a call today at 770-664-1244 to schedule your appointment.

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