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    dentures Alpharetta, GAReplace Your Smile with Denture Technology

    You should not be nervous or embarrassed about your loose or missing teeth. This is a normal occurrence that happens over time to thousands of people. Fortunately, our denture technology will allow you to replace your smile. Instead of restoring one or two teeth, dentures will replace your current teeth entirely. They do not need to replace all of your teeth, but are meant to replace more than one or two. Dentures will give you the same confidence and ability that a natural smile does.

    What are my Options for Dentures?

    At North Atlanta Aesthetic Dentistry in Alpharetta, we provide both implant supported and traditional dentures. Implant supported dentures are those that are held in the mouth by dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium rods that are placed into the jawbone. They work like replacement tooth roots. These provide the following benefits to our patients:

    Dentures - Atlanta GASecure and Sturdy | Many patients worry about traditional dentures slipping and sliding around their mouths at the most inconvenient of times. Implant supported dentures are anchored into your mouth by dental implants and will stay perfectly in place while you talk and eat.

    Easiest Eating and Speaking | Because your implant supported dentures will never shift, they promote the most natural talking and chewing habits.

    Promotes Bone Health | When the jawbone does not receive the stimulation that tooth roots normally provide, it is at risk for deterioration and collapse. Implant supported dentures stimulate the jawbone and preserve bone mass over time.

    Dr. Gurley and his team members also provide traditional dentures, because they are the right option for some of our patients. The advantages of such include:

    Low Volume Friendly | If your jawbone has deteriorated significantly, implant supported dentures may not be an option for you. Traditional dentures can give you a full smile even when implant supported dentures cannot.

    Confidence Boost | Like our implant supported dentures, traditional dentures are appealing. They will enhance your overall appearance and will motivate you to smile, laugh, and socialize.

    Inexpensive Option | Traditional dentures are one of the most affordable tooth replacement methods.

    If you are interested in attaining a full smile again, give is a call at 770.664.1244 to schedule an appointment today.

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